The Warrior’s Daughter

FIC Bennett, Holly. The Warrior’s Daughter. Orca Book Publishers, 2007. 240 pp., pb. ISBN 978-1-55143-607-4. $9.95.

Luainne is the daughter of the great Irish warrior, the legendary Cuchulainn. Although he has a reputation throughout Ireland as the most fearsome of killers, to Luainne he is a loving playful father who amuses her with his exciting tales and marvellous feats. Then the unthinkable happens – Cuchalainn returns from war badly injured and subsequently dies. Luainne’s mother could not go on without him and she took her own life to be with the man she loved. Luainne is left to continue to adulthood after suffering loss, betrayal and fear. She is able to find strength, not from the sword or her proud parentage, but from her own courageous spirit.

A good story, and well told for adult readers, but lacks the action and drama necessary to hold teen readers. Very few secondary students would be interested in reading the book to its conclusion. It is unfortunate because teenagers would enjoy the story – just would find it difficult to wade through the prose.

Recommended with reservations, as it is for a limited audience.

Recommended grade level – 8-12 Date: May 2014
Reviewer’s Name:  Rosemary Anderson Position:  Retired Teacher Librarian
Institution:  W.L. McLeod Elementary School District:  91, Nechako Lakes