Would Someone Please Answer the Parrott!

 FIC Young, Beryl.  Would Someone Please Answer the Parrott!  Peanut Butter Press, June 2013.  ISBN 978-1-927735-00-8.  $19.95

As the title would suggest, you’re in for a hilarious read once you open Beryl Young’s Would Someone Please Answer the Parrot!

When the Gibson family opens their door, they’re surprised to see Uncle Bill.  And even more surprising is the cage he’s holding.  The Gibson’s seven-year old twins, Zack and Zoe are ecstatic!  They’ve never owned a pet before and wouldn’t a talking grey parrot be the most exciting pet ever?  However as the family was soon to find out, Guapo, the parrot had many talents!  He could imitate voices, barking dogs, sirens and most annoying of all, the telephone.

Although the Gibson family finds Guapo frustrating at times, he does become a “hero”.  Imagine an unpleasant aunt visiting and making everyone’s life miserable.  Enter one talented, talking parrot, two clever twins and a plan devised by them to end the aunt’s visit in a most hilarious manner.   (“Bombs away,” might give you a clue!)

Needless to say, Guapo touched the hearts of the Gibson family and now resides with them permanently!

Award-winning cartoon animator, Jason Doll’s illustrations add to the delight of this picture book.

Recommended ages 4-8 Date: January 2014
Reviewer’s Name: K. Schweitzer Position: Retired Teacher
School District: 61